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Über Mich

I've been accompanying people over the past 15 years to come home to themselves and their unique place in the world. About 20 years ago, while immersing myself in music and being a sound artist, I was lucky enough to stumble across the Alexander Technique. This helped me immensely with the pressure, tensed shoulders and difficulties that come with a stressful life, and opened the door to a more joyful and meaningful life - being more at home in my body.

My curiosity in the emotional world, and how it is all interconnected, led me to also train as a Gestalt therapist. Besides co-founding and leading the Zentrum für Alexander Technik in Berlin, I also co-founded Brodowin Retreats Für Frauen, and the Mindful Music Making Retreats. My more recent journey called me to pause very deeply, to stop everything and ask who am I without all those identifications and activities? I followed this call and went on a long Vision Quest, mostly in Australia where I went on to train as a Vision Quest protector. Now back in Germany I support people in a nature-based way to find their true belonging, feeling the connection to their own heart’s wisdom and their unique place in the world. I'm looking forward to supporting you on your way home - here, where you already are.

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