Emma Bradtke


Über Mich

I fell in love with the yoga practice 13 years ago, whilst living abroad, as a way to find a home within, to land and ground myself daily into how I am feeling which allows me to very honestly check-in with myself. Coming from a competitive background of gymnastics and running yoga allowed me to practice but also find a moment to feel at ease, pause and just be. I absolutely love and adore the way yoga allows me to celebrate and enjoy my body for what it is and not what’s expected of it. Over the years yoga became my passion, which fully aligns with me and allows me to flow into being. It has taught me so much about myself and of our existence, it brought me a wholeness that I love to share.

Join me for a flow that will make you feel strong, fearless and inspired and that will support you to find the space you need to bring yourself comfort in your body, mind and soul.

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